Helping your student succeed in the classroom

By: Crystal Martinez

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Students and parents across the Valley are getting back into their routine after winter break.

It is especially important for students to start the new semester on the right track.

Many students have different learning strategies.

For some students, they do better working things out in a group, while others might do better working alone.

Some children are more hands-on learning, meaning when they see or touch things, it is easier to take in the learning material.

If you happen to know your child’s learning style, then you can help them outside the classroom, but more importantly, you can help them become a well-rounded student by teaching them how to learn in other ways.

"You don't want your child to be one who only uses a particular style of learning all the time,” Chair of Education Advisory Board Lingokids Suzanne Barchers said.

“When that happens they become rigid in their learning style and our schools don't really support every type of learning style that's out there."

Barchers says by giving your child options on ways to solve problems in the classroom, they will have an easier time remembering what they were taught.


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