Hidalgo Co. Leaders Push Resolution for Vietnam Veteran to Receive Highest Military Honor

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EDINBURG – Hidalgo County leaders came together to have the nation’s highest military honor awarded to a Rio Grande Valley veteran. The Commissioner’s Court hopes to see the Vietnam veteran receive the Medal of Honor.

It was a big day for 74-year-old Cruz Yanez. He volunteered for the draft Aug. 20, 1969. The decorated veteran was a combat infantryman serving in Vietnam from July 6, 1970 to Apr. 15, 1971.

According to the Commissioners Court, Mr. Yanez protected a wounded comrade under heavy opening fire while reinforcements arrived and also put his life on the line by opening fire on enemy forces to save his fellow soldiers.

Officials signed a resolution in support of awarding the Medal of Honor to Mr. Yanez. It will need to go through the process before officials in Washington, D.C. can review it.

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