Honduran Family Speaks Out After Seeking Asylum in 2 Other Countries

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WESLACO – A Honduran family is speaking out after they crossed two other countries to reach the Rio Grande Valley and encountered deterrents.

Alexander Cabrera says his brother was killed by gang members because he didn’t want to be recruited.

“I was scared they were going to kill my family, most of all my kids,” he says.

After his brother’s murder, he lost his job after the factory where he worked moved out of the country due to high taxes; a combination that led the family of four seeking the U.S.

He says they encountered criminal organizations who forced him to pay for his family’s life.

Cabrera says another deterrent was Mexican law enforcement prevented immigrants from getting closer to the U.S.

“Authorities would stop the cars. Authorities would be entertained with one car and others would pass along. Thank god our car made it past them,” he says.

From Honduras he travelled to Guatemala and then then Mexico; neither country interested him.

“Guatemala is the same as Honduras – poor and there aren't any opportunities. It's a country with so much unemployment. Which is why people are leaving their too, and Mexico? That’s dangerous,”

The Cabrera’s say they will now head north until it's time to face a judge.

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