House passes immigration bills to provide farmworkers and Dreamers a path to citizenship

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A local immigrant advocacy group is reacting to the passing of two immigration bills that would create a path to citizenships for farmworkers and Dreamers.

Juanita Valdez-Cox, the executive director of the local immigrant advocacy group La Union del Pueblo Entero, says the Farm Workforce Modernization Act is huge as most field workers are undocumented – leaving them ripe for exploitation.

“That's why many times, we file lawsuits because wages are so low that people are not even earning the minimum wage," Valdez-cox said. “Farm workers have fed this country for decades and yet they still have to live in fear. The farmers, the ranchers will tell you themselves that no one wants to do field work, except for the immigrants, the farm-workers.”

The American Dream and Promise Act would provide legal status to all Dreamers, but both bills need Republican support in the Senate to go further.

With the senate split, Democrats would need yes votes from at least 10 Republican senators for the bills.

"Democrats do not have a super majority that is required to overcome filibuster, unless the bill gets the support of 10 republican senators which is highly unlikely,” César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a law professor said.


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