La Grulla Parents Concerned over AC Problems at School

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LA GRULLA – Several La Grulla mothers say they are concerned about the temperatures inside their children’s classroom.

Protecting her children is the number one concern for Veronica Arredondo.

"Of course heat is a big factor here in south Texas," Arredondo explains.

She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that during the warm months, it's a must to give their children extra water and keep the air-conditioning running at home.

Veronica Arredondo says this week her son wasn't wearing his uniform shirt when he arrived home.

"He said his classroom was very hot. I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘Yeah somebody said the AC is not working.’ I go and check in and sure enough, the AC’s aren't working," says Arredondo.

Arredondo told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she and other parents weren't previously notified of the problem by school officials.

Another mother said her son's health was affected and she had to take him to the doctor.

Arredondo told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she decided to see the temperature of her son's classroom first hand.

She was shocked.

"It's these, permanent windows that don't open. So there is no way to open it," Arredondo explains.

Arredondo said no air condition plus closed windows means there’s no ventilation.

She's decided to pull her son out of school until the issue is resolved for his own safety.

"It's not fair that my son has to miss out on a school day of learning because you guys are not doing your job," says Arredondo.

She explained the district hasn't provided any answers.

We reached out to Rio Grande City Consolidated Independent School District for those answers.

They sent a statement that reads in part:

“The Rio Grande City CISD is currently undergoing a massive energy savings project. We have experienced a few issues that have temporarily impacted the cooling of some classrooms. The district technicians are working alongside contracted specialists to correct all problems.”

Arredondo says she has one message for the CISD.

"Fix the problem. Don't put a band aide on the bullet hole. Fix it," she says.

She told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she wants results soon rather than later.

In the statement, the district also mentioned they have now put emergency procedures in place to fix the cooling issue until the air conditioners are back up and running.

No word on what the emergency procedures are or when the air conditioning will be fixed. We'll keep monitoring the situation.


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