Local Hospital Detail Procedures During Large Scale Crisis

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MCALLEN – As hospitals in Las Vegas continue to treat the hundreds of victims, CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to know if the hospitals in the Rio Grande Valley are ready if a similar event were to happen.

McAllen Medical Center CEO Todd Mann said they go through specific training in order to make sure they are able to handle large scale disasters.

"It's always constant learning everything is different you never know what to expect during a disaster," said Mann.

Mann said every year they have what's called mass casualty drills with hospitals across the Valley.

"We're the recipients of these patients so it's a coordinated effort with first responders, ems, fire, and the police so if an event were to happen we're all in coordination with one another," said Mann.

Mann said in these drills they plan on which hospital or medical center victims are sent based on potential injuries. The reason for this is to prevent one location from getting over crowded.

One thing Mann said is a necessity during a crisis like in Las Vega is blood.

"We would definitely exhaust the efforts of the blood bank here in something of this magnitude, but as you see with Vegas responders, we would definitely set up where people could come in and donate," said Mann.

Mann told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they are equipped to open these donation sites at a moment's notice.

Mann said right now they have sister hospitals in Las Vegas helping victims. He added they plan to learn from their experience in the future.


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