Local Police Dept. Encountering Illegal Immigration Reports

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PENITAS – Penitas police say there is an increase of people crossing the border illegally, resulting in an increase police activity in the area.

Police Investigator Sergeant Oscar Barron says officers are seeing more surrenders.

He explains their numbers tripled what they were experiencing a few months ago.

"We see a higher volume of bodies being turned over to Border Patrol. There are a lot of family units that are just waiting there by the wall, waiting for us to arrive to basically identify them and turn them in to Border Patrol," says Barron.

Local resident Arturo Garcia says he notifies the Penitas Police Department about the activity around his home.

Garcia says it’s easy for people who crossed the border illegally to enter his property.

He says he knows the border fence sits behind him and law enforcement is around to keep him safe.

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