Lower Temperatures Ease Cameron Co. Efforts to Combat Zika

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BROWNSVILLE – Cameron County officials said the cold snap may be good for their fight against the Zika virus.

Brownsville crews sprayed for mosquitoes throughout the city Thursday night. They targeted the areas of Boca Chica and west downtown.

Officials said mosquitoes can’t stand weather below 50 degrees. They said adult mosquitoes are more likely to die in lower temperatures.

Cameron County Environmental Health Department assistant director Edgar Chapa said although their eggs can adapt to survive the cold temperatures, they can’t hatch until it warms up and they have the right amount of water.

“We have to keep in mind that the artificial containers that are around our homes are the ones that are breeding the mosquitoes,” he said. “And once the temperatures rebound, like I said, we’re going to have the problem there.”

So far, health officials have confirmed six locally-transmitted Zika cases in Brownsville. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deemed the city a precautionary area for travel.

No new cases of Zika have been detected. 


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