Lyford CISD, Region 1 hold pharmacology event to get students to pursue career as pharmacists

By: Cassandra Garcia

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Morriah Piñon, a senior with the Lyford consolidated Independent School District, plans to pursue a career as a pharmacist.

“I've always been interested in the way that drugs affected the brain, and especially the body,” Piñon said.

Piñon was among the dozens of Lyford CISD students who participated in a hands-on learning experience in pharmacology that was spearheaded by Region 1.

“It gives me like a sneak peek on what my future career would be involved in,” Piñon said.

It's the first time the Region 1 Paths Project held a pharmacology event.

DHR Health pharmacist Dr. Ron Ozuna said it's an important field for areas like the Valley.

“In pharmacy, we've historically been in need,” Ozuna explained. “The high demand for pharmacists in underserved areas has been there for many, many years."

Region 1 plans to host more work-based learning events on pharmacy in the future. 


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