Man Jailed 7 Months after Deadly Crash Involving Local Journalist

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PORT ISABEL – A man linked to the death of a local journalist is in custody.

Ronnie Huerta was jailed on a charge of intoxication manslaughter seven months after the deadly crash.

The former Port Isabel-South Padre Island Press journalist, Elizabeth Sweeten, was hit by a motorcycle in March.

“There's a certain amount of relief to know that Port Isabel Police has finally obtained an arrest warrant for the person responsible for this accident. It's been seven months since Liz died," says Dina Arevalo, editor for Port Isabel-South Padre Island Press. "All of us have been wondering, 'What's going on, why hasn't this person been arrested?'”

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro asked Port Isabel Police Chief Robert Lopez why the arrest took so long.

He explains the reason for it was because of the extent of the suspect’s injuries.

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