Matamoros Gulf Cartel Leader Captured in Tamaulipas

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REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS - A leader in the cartel operating across the lower Valley is behind bars. 

Hector Sarmiento Juarez was arrested yesterday as he traveled on the road between Rio Bravo and Valle Hermoso. 

Police state forces were trying to stop Sarmiento as he was driving his truck. 

Tamaulipas Department of Public Safety reports he sped up and threw caltrops in an attempt to keep authorities away. 

They were able to capture him and seize the nearly 550 lbs. of mariijuana he had in his vehicle. 

Felix Arturo Rodriguez, the Director Center for Analysis, Information and Studies of Tamaulipas, a special force within the state police, says, this is a high-profile arrest for that region under the Gulf Cartel. 

"Apparently, he was the number two guy after the leader known as "El Vaquero." His function was the transportation of drugs from Mexico to the U.S. They covered the area of Rio Bravo to Matamoros," says Director Rodriguez. 

Sarmiento remains under custody of the state of Tamaulipas.


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