McAllen Couple Left with Pricey Electric Bill after Switching Providers

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MCALLEN – A pricey electric break-up is haunting a McAllen couple.

They may have to pay hundreds for not knowing what they signed up for.

After the couple noticed their electricity bills kept going up, they decided to switch.

Tomas Rios learned parting ways means getting through a $400 bill.

He says retirement checks do not leave room for a major bill spike especially one of this size.

“It’s not fair that we’re going to pay that money,” he says.

Rios’ final bill from Reliant Energy is over $300 from what he is used to paying.

The bill consists of a cancellation fee and a balance due.

Rios was just one month away from finishing his contract with Reliant. He opted out of contract when he noticed a pattern of high monthly bills.

“‘No, it’s too much,’ I said. ‘We’re going to change companies.’ I was told, if I cancel, I would have to pay $250,” says Rios.

There is also a fee for the program he did not know he signed on for. The average billing fee includes an adjustment of his monthly bill.

With the $250 cancellation fee, Rios has an average billing balance of almost $200.

“I am looking for someone to help me resolve this problem,” he says.

Reliant’s media relations director, Pat Hammond, sent CHANNEL 5 NEWS this response:

“We want to work with Mr. Rios on his final bill and as a courtesy, we will waive the cancellation fee on his account. We will be reaching out to him to discuss these options."

Rios says he will send his payment in the mail by Wednesday.

Moving forward, he plans to stay away from average billing contracts.

Rios now receives service from TXU Energy.


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