McAllen Mayor Encourages People to Report Crime

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MCALLEN – McAllen mayor Jim Darling said McAllen police believe people in the country illegally aren’t reporting crimes.

He said not reporting crime creates unsafe conditions.

Darling said every citizen should be free to participate with law enforcement – whether they’re in the country legally or not.

He said law enforcement expressed concern to him on the topic. He attributes the hesitation people might have when reporting crime to the rhetoric out of Washington.

Darling pointed out the importance of witnesses. He said everyone in the community serves as an extra pair of eyes and ears to law enforcement. He stressed the importance a tip can play in helping solve cases.

“And so if they see a crime now, they’re very inhibited to say can I turn this person in? And if I’m undocumented, do I want to be involved in anything related police protection? And so that’s making a certain part of our society unprotected,” he said.

Darling wants people to know that law enforcement doesn’t take down personal information if a tip is anonymous. They’ll only be asked for their information if they become involved in the case.

Darling emphasized that even though he wants people in the city illegally to feel safe reporting crime, that doesn’t mean McAllen is a sanctuary city.


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