McAllen ISD creates esports program

By: Cassandra Garcia

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The McAllen Independent School District is encouraging students to join its esports program. 

Gamers play on an extremely competitive level and face off against students not just within the district, but across the country.

For some students at McAllen Memorial High School, it's given them a sense of belonging and place to flourish.

"There's a bad reputation when it comes to video games in a certain aspect, so by esports and how it's growing I think it shows a lot more people that it involves a lot more fun being with your friends and socializing," said esports team member Kayla Johnson. 

"I have some of these kids in class and some of them are a little shy, a little timid, but then you get them in here behind their microphone and they just, they take charge, they're ready to go," said esports coach Andy Thompson. 

Some students say they are considering pursuing careers in the gaming industry because of the exposure they got in this program. Those jobs aren't just limited to being a professional gamer, but also include graphic animation, software development, and audio engineering among other things.

McAllen ISD is currently hosting a tournament in the district.

The students at McAllen Memorial High School are undefeated.


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