McAllen rental assistance offered amid pandemic

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If you live in McAllen and are struggling to pay rent, there may be some help available thanks to a program set to bring relief to those affected by the pandemic.

“This program can help with up to six months of rent," said McAllen Grants Assistance Director Julia Lash. "It will help with rental arrears, too. If you are behind, we can help you get caught up. It's only rent.”

The program is designed to help residents who are already behind and have received an eviction notice.

Utility payments will not be included – but not everyone can qualify.

Lash said there is a list of requirements and submitted applications will be reviewed. A status response to see if applicants qualify will take no longer than a week.

But all sections of the application – along with required documents – must be completed and submitted.

A grant of approximately $439,000 from the Texas Department of Housing and Community affairs is funding the program. Lash said they estimate this will assist close to 80 families, and other federal aid is coming soon to assist.

Residents interested in applying can do so by visiting www.mcallen.net/rentalassistance. 


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