Mexican Gov't Activates Gun Exchange Program

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REYNOSA – Mexico is collecting guns from its citizens, no questions asked.

The city of Reynosa is teaming up with the Mexican Army and the national defense secretary to get guns off the streets. They started collecting this past Saturday in front of Reynosa City Hall.

The campaign will be taking place the next three Saturdays.

Soldiers were there collecting guns and were giving away electronics in exchange for the weapons, such as microwaves, laptop and tablets, depending on the value of the weapons turned in. 

Mexican military officials were destroying the weapons on site. 

Guns are illegal in Mexico, but that doesn’t stop guns from getting into the country. In addition, gun battles have been a daily occurrence in and around Reynosa the past few weeks.

On Friday, state police confiscated thousands of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of magazines from the side of the road in Reynosa.


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