Migrant Mother Concerned Over Possible Illnesses at Valley Shelters

By: Frank McCaffrey

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HARLINGEN-  A mother from Honduras is concerned her child could get sick at the shelter where they're staying.

Riccy Sarahi Chacon-Morony has been staying at Loaves and Fishes with her daughter.

They crossed into the United States less than a week ago.

Since they're living in such close quarters with other migrants, Chacon-Morony worries for their health.

Loaves and Fishes Executive Director, Bill Reagan says his shelter has a system for preventing the spread of sickness.

"We have two nurses on our staff and so we're able to treat them and EMS has been very good," said Reagan.

"Our EMS here in Harlingen is excellent, has been very good about coming to check on people who perhaps seem to be more sick than our nurses can handle right now."

CHANNEL 5'S Frank McCaffrey met with Reagan Sunday.

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