Mission Police Seeks Public’s Help to Solve Break-In Cases

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MISSION – Authorities are investigating a series of car break-ins and home invasions in the city of Mission over the last five months.

Mission police said tackling city-wide crime can only be stopped with the help of the community.

Authorities said four cars were broken into in Mission this past weekend. An apartment complex was targeted by thieves in October and three homes were invaded last December.

However, they said crime rate in the city has not increased.

David Neal is a Winter Texan. He’s called the Rio Grande Valley his temporary home for the last seven years.

“We come down here and be warm all year round. It’s something I look forward to,” he said. “We also look for the fact that this is a safe community to speak of, and we’ve never really felt like we’re in danger.”

Neal said he was surprised to learn his neighbor’s home was broken into in September. He said he’s used to being vigilant to help secure his community.  

“(I’m) watching the streets looking for the cars that shouldn’t be here, that look out of place,” he said.

The victims of the break-in asked not to appear on camera. They said they were horrified to return after suspects stole more than 70 items from their house.

The incident is still under investigation.

Mission Police Chief Roberto Dominguez said the three home invasions happened during one weekend in early December.

 “So, we will continue to work on those right now. We don’t have suspects in those cases, but we continue to follow up on leads on certain individuals. We questioned a number of people,” he said.

Dominguez advised people should take down any details if they see anything suspicious and share it with police.

Anyone with information in regards to the vehicle break-ins or home invasions can contact the Mission Police Department at 956-584-5000. 


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