Mosquito Bite Warning

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HARLINGEN – A Harlingen mother is warning parents to monitor their children after her child had to get surgery due to a mosquito bite.

Flood waters lingered near Monica Johnson’s neighborhood for days, giving mosquitos the perfect conditions to breed and multiply.

Johnson says she knew something was off when 16-month-old "Jax" wouldn't fall asleep.

“I checked on him, I laid him back down and gave him his milk. And then he just kept getting up and fussing," she says.

Johnson turned on the lights and immediately noticed her baby's hand was three sizes bigger than it regularly is.

Doctors told her Jax was having an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite on his finger.

Dr. Jose Campo at Valley Baptist Medical Center says for those with severe allergies, symptoms can be serious.

He says scratching the bite to the point of bleeding opens the door for bacteria on your hands to get under your skin.

Jax had to spend three days in the hospital and doctors drained the infection fluid from his hand.

We were told Harlingen and the county started spraying for mosquitos after the floods first happened; the problem could persist for more than five weeks.

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