New Animal Shelter Opens in San Benito

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SAN BENITO – A $1.3 million animal shelter opened its doors to the public on Wednesday.

The shelter is located on the 2600 block of FM 510 in San Benito.

Cameron County Environmental Health Program Director Gustavo Olivares told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the shelter will help in the promotion of animal adoptions because it will provide more space for animals to be housed longer.

The shelter is more than 5,000 square feet, has 24 large kennels, 18 smaller cages for puppies and cats and 16 quarantine cages.

“It’s about protecting public health. It’s always about the public and the rabies component. But now, it’s part – now we’ve got to save lives for animals because they deserve a second chance, too,” he said. “Just because someone mistreats an animal, it doesn’t mean that’s it for the animal. Now, we’ve got to try to find a home for it.”

The shelter is taking donations for items like dog blankets and toys.

Officials said they will soon have a volunteer program for those who want to help at the shelter.


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