New funding will help expand Weslaco ISD welding program

By: Cassandra Garcia

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Millions in federal and state funding will be going toward the Weslaco Independent School District, and the district’s welding program is receiving a cut of that money.

A portion of the $5.7 million the district received will go toward new welding equipment, the district said.

The equipment the district plans to purchase includes a robotic arm, a virtual welder and a sub arch machine. 

"We'll have the ability to use more than just the basic equipment," welding student Derek Gonzalez said. “It's a lot of opportunities and there will always be a need for welders."

The hands on lessons give students a variety of skills for the future as they pursue a career in welding.

"All these different processes are going to be here for the students to be able to add to their resume,” welding instructor Brandon Floid said. “To add to their knowledge to the experience that they gain within the three years here to help them in the field."


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