NextDecade Corp. talks hurricane preparedness for incoming Brownsville LNG facility

By: Christian von Preysing

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A multibillion dollar natural gas project is underway in Brownsville, and the company behind it continues spreading its message of safety in many areas — including hurricane mitigation.

The LNG export facility being built at the Port of Brownsville will send natural gas by boat to other countries.

Construction is underway, but it'll take several more years to complete the facility.

Engineer Patrick Couch said storage tanks have multiple layers to limit gas leaks, and the plant itself was also designed to withstand category five hurricanes.

Ground clearance and foundation building is underway for the facility, with 800 employees hired by construction company Bechtel Energy.

The NextDecade Corporation says it's thought about safety measures during a hurricane during the construction phase and when the facility is up and running as early as 2027.

Bechtel Energy says this is its largest project in its 125-year history.

"We're working with a world-class construction partner like Bechtel who has been responsible for building out the majority of a lot of the energy infrastructure and LNG projects along the gulf coast,” Susan Richardson with the NextDecade Corporation said. “We have a lot of confidence in their abilities and proven abilities."

When asked about hurricane preparedness, Bechtel Energy released the following statement:

“Prior to hurricane season, we activate our comprehensive emergency preparedness plans. Our extensive experience along the Gulf Coast and in other regions prone to extreme weather ensures we are well-prepared to manage any impact on the RGLNG project during construction."

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