Photographer's Perspective Working with What you Have

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WESLACO - CHANNEL 5 NEWS photojournalist carry loads of equipment from cameras to light kits. In a fast moving situation they'll use whatever they have available. 

Following Monday's press conference for Nahomi Rodriguez photojournalist Sergio Puente set off to look for Harlingen businesses along Business 77 with surveillance cameras. 

Puente explains the story,  "Most of our viewer's Facebook comments spoke out about the bad quality of the surveillance cameras from the night Nahomi went missing."

The area is riddled with businesses, so Puente explained how he saved time, "My camera is too bulky to be getting on and off at every business along the strip. So I video taped Gabby (Gabriela Garza) with my cell phone at each stop."

He says no matter the resource, CHANNEL 5 NEWS photographers find a way to get the job done. 


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