Primera Woman Receives Fake "Winning" Check

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WESLACO – A Primera woman fell victim to what she believed was a prize from a well-known sweepstakes company.

She was told she won $450,000 and realized it was a set-up after following the instructions and attempting to cash the check.

“We received this letter and it sounded so interesting because they were congratulating me, ‘Hey you have won the second prize which is $450,000,’ and of course you say, ‘Come on’. But there was in it a check,” says Alejandra Courtney.

The Primera police chief says if you are getting suspicious checks in the mail, you should contact law enforcement.

If you win a prize but you have to pay to get it, that’s a red flag.

KRGV’s Christian Colón has the details.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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