Raymondville church in need of repairs from hurricane damage

By: Stefany Rosales

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A Raymondville church is in dire need of repairs. It was damaged during hurricane Hanna two years ago. 

Saint Anthony's Catholic Church of Raymondville has part of the roof breaking down and falling over. Some of the major damage is inside the building. 

Some of the Parishioners say hurricane Hanna is what caused the damage. Since then, every time it rains, water gets into the church. 

Some of the windows have also been damaged.

Churchgoers are hoping to repair the church as soon as they raise enough money to pay for their insurance. 

"This last week or so that we had a lot of rain, water came pouring down the wall, more of the plaster has fallen down," Parishioner Irma Perrin said. 

The recent rain has only further damaged the inside of the church. 

Perrin says the diocese is aware of the year's long damage.

No word yet on when repairs will begin.

Watch the video above for the full report. 


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