Raymondville ISD Parents Pushing for Better Alert System

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RAYMONDVILLE – A Raymondville High School student is in custody after reportedly bringing a gun to school. Parents said they weren't notified about what happened and better communication is needed in emergency situations.

On Wednesday, several parents rushed to get their children out of Raymondville High School.

Sonia Solis picked up her granddaughter after she sent her a video of a student holding a weapon in class.

"I'm worried because you never know. What happened up north? This is what happens. How about if I wouldn’t have come to pick her up or they wouldn't have picked up that boy? How about if he would’ve done the shooting? What would have happened?” questioned Solis.

Her granddaughter, Aislinn, was in her first class when she sent for her grandma.

"It’s not something to joke about because people have lost their friends and kids due to this,” she said.

On Tuesday, Raymondville ISD was already conducting an investigation into an online text message stating a shooting would take place on one of the campuses. Raymondville ISD police Chief Lauro Gutierrez explained schools were placed on a soft lockdown.

"Yesterday, what I did is increase the police presence and security detail, which we have about nine. Again, not disrupting the educational environment for them but their presence was there at the time,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez explained during the investigation, they did not have the video of the student holding a black BB gun pistol until Wednesday.

Solis wanted to know why they were not informed of the alerts.

"How come they didn't notify us? I don't think that's right,” said Solis

Raymondville Superintendent Stetson Roane agreed.

"Owning up as a superintendent to the fact that we do need to; that I need to do a better job at getting that information out in a timely fashion,” said Roane.

Roane said they already have a plan in place.

"A process whereby if someone has an issue – then if there's a threat of any kind or any kind of safety issue or anything that comes up of all those things, suspicious activity or whatever it may be – that as soon as that happens it comes to an area, whether that may be my office or the chief depending on what the situation is and then we automatically start informing the community and the press of what's going on,” said Roane.

Roane explained the school is safe. He wants to work with parents and guardians on a better system.

The Raymondville ISD superintendent said they do have an active alert system in place.

The school district said the student seen with the BB gun is facing a second-degree felony charge.


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