Recovery Processes Still Ongoing for Granjeno

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GRANJENO--Residents in a border town are still haunted by the remnants of a wind storm over a year ago. 
In the summer of 2016, Granjeno was hit by strong winds during a storm, many homes sustained significant damage.
While FEMA did help some of the victims following the storm, those still making repairs are having to do so out of pocket. 
"We still have a few homes that need some help," said Jennifer Alvarez, a Granjeno resident.  
 A brief look around the border town of Granjeno shows the recovery processes is still on going. 
 The storm completely moved Jennifer Alvarez's home.
 "It does shift when it's a little bit windy or when it's rainy it does shift to where sometimes the doors don't want to stay closed or they don't want to lock," said Jennifer Alvarez. 
One of her cars also remains damaged for that eventful day. 
 "We're just making due with everything so we're good for now we have other vehicles that are running," said Jennifer Alvarez. 
One of the buildings still heavily damaged in the town rests just down the street, the community center. Alvarez said in it's current state it serves as a constant reminder of the storm, "it does remind us of that I mean we have the new improvements with the park and things like that so it is a little bit of an eye sore."  
While work still need to be done in the town, Alvarez said spirits are high for the holidays.
The city says they plan to have an engineer inspect the community center early next year. 
There are ways here in the valley people still dealing with damage from a disaster can still get help even after the event. 
Faith Communities for Disaster recovery helps homeowners with the recovery process. 
You do need to qualify. In order to do so head over to catholic charities in San Juan. 


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