Report reveals more details about migrant shot by National Guard soldier

By: Santiago Caicedo

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A Texas Tribune reporter revealed more details on a shooting involving a migrant and a Texas National Guard soldier.

Official Texas Military Department documents obtained by The Army Times confirmed the Sunday shooting near the community of Abram south of the city of Mission.

The soldier was deployed under Gov. Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star — a border initiative to stop the flow of drugs and illegal border crossings into the state that has cost taxpayers $2 billion.

The documents were obtained through a source with the Texas Military Department and were published in a story co-written by Texas Tribune reporter James Barragan and The Army Times’ Davis Winkie.


“It's very, very rare for a military service member to shoot a civilian in the United States," Barragan explained.

According to the report, a National Guard soldier attempted to detain four migrants at an abandoned house with U.S. Border Patrol agents when one of them got into a scuffle with the soldier, resulting in the migrant being shot.

The Texas Rangers are investigating. 

"[The Texas Department of Public Safety] work side-by-side with the Texas Military Department on Operational Lone Star,” Barragan said. “These people are friends, they work together, and so there are questions about their impartiality and objectivity in this investigation."

Questions are also being raised regarding the role of the National Guard in keeping the border safe.

“The National Guard service members are not police, they are members of the military,” Barragan said.


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