Republican voters seeing 13 propositions on primary ballot

By: Lily Celeste

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Those voting Republican during the March primary elections will see 13 propositions on the ballot.

Voting for propositions during a primary isn't to make policies or laws, it's just a way for a political party to see what's important to voters in the legislative session.

There are no propositions on the ballot for Democrats.

With the propositions, Republican voters will have a chance to tell elected officials how much they want them to focus on the border and other issues. 


The 13 propositions include questions on border security and immigration related issues, and school choice and tax amendments.

Among the border security related propositions is Proposition 2, which asks Republicans if the state should create a border protection unit that would use "physical force" to prevent people from crossing the border illegally.

Political science professor Jon Taylor says if Proposition 2 receives overwhelming support, it could be a way for Gov. Greg Abbott to push for more border legislation in the future.

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