Republicans criticize Biden during Valley visit

By: Santiago Caicedo

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Republican governors criticized President Biden during their visit to the Valley on Wednesday, saying the president has abandoned them in trying to control migrant flows and illegal drugs.

"It’s time for the Biden administration to wake up and get on the job and do its job to protect the sovereignty and safety of the United States of America,” Gov. Abbott said during a press conference in Mission.

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, echoed Abbott’s frustrations with Biden.

"Either he's unwilling to solve this crisis, or he doesn't know how,” Ducey said.

Abbott said 26 governors in total have asked to meet with President Biden, but their requests have been ignored. The governors laid out a ten-step plan in addressing the increase in illegal immigration, asking for a return of the Remain in Mexico policy, border wall construction and other measures to discourage mass migration to the border.

In a statement to Channel 5 News, the Hidalgo County Democratic Party said that Wednesday’s press conference was simply a distraction, adding that the governor should be more focused on rebuilding the electrical grid and making sure Texans have access to affordable healthcare.

Meanwhile, the governor has reiterated that he will be sending in more National Guard troops and Texas Department of Public Safety troopers to the Valley.


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