RGC Officers Using Bulletproof Vests with Bluetooth Technology

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RIO GRANDE CITY – Law enforcement officers are using new technology in Rio Grande City to protect themselves and ease the worries of their loved ones.  

Police officers are using new bulletproof vests which connect to their phones through Bluetooth.

If the vest is punctured by anything it will send a notification to all officers with a station-issued phone and dispatch.

It also provides the name of the officer with all of his or her credentials, including their blood type, to increase their chances of survival.  

"Within seconds everyone in the department would know that there is an officer that had been hurt,” says RGC Police Assistant Chief Jose Solis.

It will also bring a little peace of mind for their loved ones at home waiting.

KRGV’s John Paul Barajas spoke with the wife of a local police officer who is happy about this change.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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