RGV educators ask Gov. Abbot to prioritize school staff for coronavirus vaccine

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Rio Grande Valley educators are urging Gov. Abbot to recognize school employees as front-line workers when the coronavirus vaccine arrives.

Earlier this week Ruben Cortez, a State Board of Education member sent a letter to the Governor asking him to consider public school staff members as a priority when getting the vaccine. 

For now, Abbot's plan is for healthcare workers and those who take care of the elderly to receive the vaccine fist.

Hidalgo Independent School District Superintendent Xavier Salinas said school employees should be among the first groups who receive the vaccine, because they are at risk of getting the virus at work.

"They should be the first ones, and we should be right there in line next to them," Salinas said. 

The Texas State Board of Education will be meeting next month in order to officially ask the Governor to have public school employees vaccinated right after healthcare workers. 

Watch the video for the full story. 


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