Santa Rosa family seeks damage assessment after Hurricane Hanna

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Rio Grande Valley residents devastated by flooding are looking to the federal government for help. But this year that help may never arrive.

It’s the third time we visit this family in Santa Rosa over the past year for the same flooding issue.

Thanks to help from FEMA, last year Carmen Ponce was able to renovate inside and lift her home. Luckily, this year she only lost minor things, but any FEMA help she - and hundreds of others in the Valley may have been counting on - might not come.

“At the state level for Texas we need about 38.5 million dollar of uninsured public loss - from Hurricane Hanna we have seen about 4 million actually reported right now, so we are nowhere near federal mandated threshold,” said Nim Kidd, chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

Emergency Management officials say they need to be at that threshold for the governor to request federal assistance.

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