Semi-Truck Driver Saved from Burning Vehicle by McAllen Man

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MCALLEN – A McAllen man said he saved a truck driver after his semi-truck went up in flames.

Hugo Medina was on the way to work when he noticed a burning semi-truck. He ran to the burning truck to see if there was anyone inside. “I just got to the window and looked through the window, and there was a guy inside on the bed. You were able to see him,” he said.

Medina told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he knew there may be someone inside the vehicle based on his experience while working at a warehouse. "So I hit the door with my elbow,” Medina said. “I think I broke the window because it sounded really loud. So when that happened the guy screamed! I told him, 'Get out! Get out! Get out! It's burning! It's burning! Get out!'”

The driver escaped without injuries. Medina told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the driver of the vehicle made an attempt to gather his belongings before moving to safety.

“Material things, you know, you’ll get them back. If you work, you’ll get them back. But your life is better than anything else. It’s priceless,” Medina said.

Capt. Juan Jalomo, acting McAllen fire marshal, advised people to first call 911 before deciding to take action.

“When you’re running to a structure or a vehicle that’s on fire, there’s always danger. But the human nature in us to try and save someone’s life or possibly save someone’s life is always going to be there, so the gentleman did the right thing,” he said.


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