South Padre Island prepares for Spring Break crowd

By: Brenda Villa

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In just a few days, Spring Break will be in full-swing at South Padre Island. 

People from all across the country will coming and businesses are already starting to see Spring Breakers at the island.

City leaders say they expect to see the big crowds pour in over the next two weeks.

"We know we're going to be busy during Texas week. I think everybody on the island knows they're going to be busy during Texas week," Holiday Inn Resort General Manager Rene Valdez said.

Valdez says they are already seeing Spring Breakers starting to arrive.

"We're actually seeing people traveling from other areas that we weren't used to, like we've got people here now from the East Coast, believe it or not, that are kind of a surprise from the area they came from," Valdez said.

With the island adding more events this year, like the Battle of the Universities, Valdez says they are hoping for more kids to come out this year.

A volunteer with Beach Reach Ministry, George Hamontree, said they're also expecting a big group of students to arrive next week.

"This week, we have mostly Baylor, we have about 150 college students, but then the next week is going to be very big. We're going to have 1,060 kids here next week during spring break," Hamontree said.

Those students pay to come out to the Island for one reason, to offer free rides and free breakfast for Spring Breakers.

"We don't want anybody out there...driving and drinking, and we'd rather take you if you're inebriated," Hamontree said.

City leaders said they expect the Island to be packed over the next two weeks. 

Texas Week is split up into two weeks this year because Spring Break falls on different weeks for schools.

Island residents should be prepared for heavy traffic, especially on the causeway. City leaders say they recommend going to the grocery store during the early morning hours.

For more information or how to register for the Battle of the Universities, click here.


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