Starr County pushes to become COVID-19 vaccination hub

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As COVID-19 related hospitalizations increase and mass vaccination efforts continue across the Valley, the state's new priority will be deciding which areas and providers will receive vaccines to distribute.

On Saturday, Starr County is set to host it's first community vaccination clinic with only 100 vaccines to administer.

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Region 11 Medical Director Dr. Emilie Prot said she hopes the county receives more shipments of the vaccine soon. During a press conference Prot said the vaccine allocations will be going towards the 'three H's': hospitals, hubs and health departments. 

Large vaccination sites or hubs are set up across the state with the goal to prove more people with the vaccine and as an easier way to set up an appointment. 

"The hubs are a good idea but it's not in favor of some of our rural counties," Prot said. 

According to Prot the hubs are not restricted to the region, allowing people to travel to the area to get vaccinated. 

But State Rep. Ryan Guillen says having to travel to receive the vaccine has been inconvenient and difficult for many people. On Thursday he filed a bill calling on the state to come up with a fair and transparent allocation.

Guillen and Starr County Judge Eloy Vera are now asking the state to designate Starr County as a COVID-19 vaccination hub.

"I've spoken to the Judge and Dr. Falcon, the local health authority, and I know Starr has the infrastructure to receive lots more vaccines," Prot said. "So I think we need to continue pushing."

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