String of Car Lot Break-Ins Impacting Businesses

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MCALLEN – One person was apprehended Wednesday as a thief attempted to steal vehicles from two McAllen car lots during daylight hours.

The break-in happened around 8 a.m.

Police responded to a call about a suspicious person, according to a spokesperson for the McAllen Police Department.

Walls were rammed, cars were damaged and office doors were broken down.

The thief left blood at the scene, said Raul Rodriguez, owner of IGUEZ, as he showed the inside of a damaged car door.

"He messed up the door. Broke the mirror," said Rodriguez.

Signs at the scene point to a thief in a desperate hurry.

Two cars were damaged in attempts to apparently ram the business' fencing.

The expenses will hit hard for his business that started about a week ago, said Rodriguez.

"We're barely getting on top of our feet,” he said. “All this is going to cost me a good chunk of money."

The McAllen Police Department said officers are investigating additional details. Charges are pending.


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