Student athletes taking precautions for the upcoming season

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Some student athletes are getting ready to play their designated sport this fall season, but due to the pandemic there is concern of the possible risks. 

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Sujan Gogu said if athletes who have been exposed to COVID-19 end up on the field, some of them could pose a risk to others.

"There will be a proportion of the population that after they've contracted COVID-19, they are going to return to usual state of health but then there's a proportion of the population that will contract COVID-19 and will still not feel normal after the contraction of the virus and after the 14 days pass," Gogu said.

Weslaco High School Athletic Director Roy Stroman said there are going to be some things they have to do when the season begins. 

Stroman said atheletes will need to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and stay home whenever possible.

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