Student Who Nearly Drowned Speaks Out About Incident

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PHARR-----A student who nearly drowned during swim class is recounting her experience.
Kethzia Trevizo was underwater for two minutes before help arrived.
She says she is grateful to be alive.
This Sunday, Kethzia Trevizo thanked Delilah Reyes, her friend in the swim class who first noticed something was wrong.
"She saved my life," said Trevizo.
Trevizo says the whole incident is still hazy in her head, "We were swimming and the only thing I actually remember that day was that I was already getting to the part where it wasn't deep anymore, I was already coming back from my laps, from there it all just went kind of blurry and I don't remember anything else."
Having nearly drowned, Trevizo was rushed to the hospital where she later woke up.
"Right away I saw my mother and she hugged me and everything," said Trevizo.
Since the incident, she says she's been taking it easy with her family.
"I've been feeling better I'm also thankful for the people who where there and asking how I've been," said Trevizo.
While advised to stay out of the water for a while, Trevizo says she is eager to get back in.
The family's attorney says his clients feel there are too many unanswered questions.
They are opening up their own their own investigation.
PSJA ISD is also investigating the incident.            
Officials say they're adding staff for pool activities and conducting more training.


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