Surveillance Video Captures Suspects in Series of Break-Ins

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EDINBURG - An Edinburg man said someone broke into his vehicle while everything was being caught on camera.

However, authorities said the man could also have locked his doors to avoid becoming a victim.

Edinburg resident Leo Lopez said there was a series of break-ins a couple of nights ago in his neighborhood near Cesar Chavez and Curry Road. He said someone got into his pickup truck and stole a valuable item that reminded him of a fallen friend.  

“They took a real nice knife. And the knife means a lot to me, because that knife was a buck knife that was given to me from a Marine friend,” he said.

Lopez said his security cameras were able to get a clear picture of another robbery across the street.

“The same subject, the same suspect that went to my vehicle went across to that house,” he said.

Lopez said the person seen in the video walked to his neighbor’s house where another person was breaking in to another car.  He said the pair took a car seat out of the woman’s SUV.

“We shouldn’t have to worry about locking the vehicles. We should be able to leave the vehicles open and have to worry about nobody going around and stealing things,’” he said. “It would be great if it was like that. Unfortunately, it’s not like that.”

Lopez said he hopes the evidence will help find the culprits. Until then, he said his doors would be locked and his cameras will continue recording.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

Authorities said the best tip to avoid a break-in is to lock your vehicle. If car doors are unlocked and someone breaks in, people could have trouble getting their insurance company to approve their claim. 


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