Temporary Water Interruptions Continue in Brownsville

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BROWNSVILLE – More planned water outages are ahead for Brownsville residents, as a local utility wraps up maintenance underground.

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board has several weeks ahead of work as it finishes the replacement of 64 aging water valves.

Valves turn the flow of water off and on. A spokesperson says it will improve reliability in the future when maintenance needs to be done.

"That way we can reduce the number of people that are impacted in outages," said Ryan Greenfield, spokesperson for BPUB. "It'll help us be able to be able to get service restored quicker for those who are affected."

Other customers may receive notices their water will be temporarily shut off. Greenfield recommends planning accordingly.

"Basically, make sure to look at your schedule, look at your routine,” he said.

Crews have already replaced 40 of the 64 valves. The work is set to continue until May.


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