Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission temporarily suspends McAllen bar's liquor license

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The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission has temporarily suspended the liquor license for the McAllen bar Frat House after it found the establishment to be in a number of violations.

TABC undercover officers found that the establishment on 17th Street was at overcapacity and people weren’t social distancing or wearing facemasks. 

“At that point, they collected the evidence and brought it back to TABC leadership, who then opted to issue a 30-day temporary suspension of the business’ permit to sell liquor,” said TABC Public Information Officer Chris Porter.  

The manager of Frat House said he and his staff understand the seriousness of the situation and said in part, “We’re taking the precautions necessary to reopen the place for our customers to be in a safe environment.”

The city of McAllen said code enforcement officers have investigated Frat House, but did not mention or confirm if they had found it to be in violation of Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order GA-32. 

As the COVID-19 death toll continues to climb in Hidalgo County, Porter says the TABC will continue to heavily monitor bars and restaurants. 

“What we do want to make sure people know is anytime they observe a potential violation, we do ask they contact TABC or their local law enforcement officials to let them know,” Porter said. 

To report pandemic-related violations at bars and restaurants to the TABC, call 888-843-8222. 


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