Texas' Longest Yard Sale Marks Its 3rd Year

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BROWNSVILLE – Texas’ longest yard sale is on again this year. It starts in Brownsville and goes all the way to Linn-San Manuel, north of Edinburg.

Last year, vendors were lined all up along Highway 281, sometimes referred to as the Military Highway.

“We’re going on our third year,” Yolanda Almaguer said. She’s the owner of Repeat Boutique in Brownsville and came up with the idea of the longest yard sale after attending two similar events in Missouri and Michigan.

“They are fun. I like that people are looking forward to it and people are showing up with cash, ready to buy,” she said.

Felix Espinosa Jr. with the Brownsville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau said the event encourages the small businesses and others.

“This is a great tourist attraction for the entire state of Texas, not only to Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley,” he said.

The Brownsville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is a big supporter. Last year the event covered 72 miles with churches, homeowners, businesses and different organizations setting up their booths.

Highway 281 is ideal because it’s a straight highway and it’s easy to get on and get off.

There are also numerous small communities people may not have heard of before.

“Yoli’s vision is to make this a 281 event,” Espinosa said.

“We thought this was the perfect corridor. It starts right here in our backyard, it crosses the whole state of Texas and beyond and it actually ends in Canada,” Almaguer said.

Some people do it from their homes or they rent a space. The dates are May 5, 6 and 7. Sunday was added this year.

Herminda Valdez with Little Shabby Shop said the event is a perfect opportunity to sell things people don’t need anymore. She added she will definitely be taking part - both buying and selling.

“I went with Yoli but you can only have so much cash in your pocket and there’s so many wonderful things,” Espinosa said.

“I go shopping. We really enjoy it. It’s just a fun thing,” Almaguer said.

The longest yard sale in Texas begins Friday, May 5.

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