The Taste of Victory

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ALAMO – Three hundred and eighty three days. Entering last week, that was how long it had been since PSJA Memorial had won a football game. But on September 28th, 2017 with the team’s losing streak at 20 games, the Wolverines were clicking. Defense made big tackles and the offense fought for every yard.

“It felt great that all the hard work that we’ve been preparing all came together, “ said senior linebacker Frank Estrada.

“Things seemed to be working for us,” said head coach Mike Uribe. “You know they’re a good team. They’re a very athletic team and a very well coached team.”

The Wolverines put together a team effort to the final whistle. The result: PSJA Memorial defeated PSJA North 17-7. With that, the long winless drought was no more.

“There’s no words to explain how we all felt, “said junior receiver Juan Oviedo. “Something in our hears we’ve never experienced.”

“I got a little emotional after because I mean I dedicate my high school life to my brothers, to my teammates and my coaches,” said Estrada.

“We just need to learn how to win,” said Uribe. “For us it’s just one win. They got a taste, they know how it feels.”

Thursday’s win brought a deep satisfaction for the players. They had gone nearly four years without a victory. No wins on the freshman or junior varsity teams and up to last week on the varsity level. After all those struggles, the memory of Thursday’s win will be remembered by the team forever.


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