Two organizations working to build new shelter for asylum seekers in Reynosa

By: Santiago Caicedo

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Two organizations are working to provide shelter for asylum seekers in Reynosa.

Kaleo International, a church in Reynosa, and the Sidewalk School, a nonprofit that provides resources for asylum seekers, are building dorms and bathrooms to house families and Black asylum seekers currently living at the Plaza de la Republica in Reynosa. 

"We want to be able to provide a safe place for them to process these major life decisions that they have to make that are in front of them," said Pastor Joshua Muse of Kaleo International.

The majority of the nearly 2,000 migrants living near the Hidalgo-Reynosa bridge will be moved to baseball fields in the Aquiles Serdan neighborhood, as Channel 5 News previously reported.

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The city and the Sidewalk School are contributing building walls for security and bathrooms.

One of the reasons why the Sidewalk School agreed to move some of the migrants to the Kaleo International church ranch is because it’s just a few minutes away from the baseball fields.

"These dormitories will house at least 300 asylum seekers and will have multiple bathrooms,” said Felicia Rangel-Samponaro, director of the Sidewalk School.

The construction of a shelter at the ranch costs $83,000 and will be paid for by donors.

Muse said it will be ready within three months.


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