UPDATE: Police arrest man who threatened McAllen protesters with chainsaw

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Assault charges are pending against a man who threatened protesters in McAllen on Friday.

According to McAllen police Lt. Joel Morales, a 44-year-old was arrested after he pulled out a chainsaw at protesters downtown.

A video of the man went viral on social media Friday afternoon. It shows a group of protesters were making their way to a gathering site at city hall to voice against police brutality, when he is seen taking protest signs from the individuals. He then pulls a chainsaw from his vehicle and starts revving it towards the group.

The 44-year-old is also seen shouting at the protesters telling them to “go home" as well as yelling racial slurs.

McAllen Mayor tweeted Saturday: "The “chainsaw man” has been arrested.  We will not tolerate such conduct in our City of McAllen.  We apologize to the protesters that were threatened by him. That is not what we do or who we are!"

We'll update this story as more information becomes available.


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