UTRGV Softball Club Takes The Field

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EDINBURG - You know the name, the colors, and the school.

But you may not know this team.

"We got together and started finding all these girls, and we thought this was a great opportunity for the valley for the girls in the valley, and for our school," said Aileen Rodriguez.

Joey Campos is the head coach for the UTRGV Softball Club.

He created the organization last october with hopes of getting the university's attention to make softball NCAA certified.

But he's not in this alone.

"Such great feed back, they are supporting us all the way, especially because softball is becoming so big here in the valley, and they want to see a softball program happen at UTRGV," said Aileen Rodriguez.

When asked what it would mean to see a softball program at the university level, this is what Rodriguez had to say.

"It would mean so much because like I said softball is growing here in the valley, and there is so much talent here, and lets say girls don't have an opportunity to go somewhere else, they can try out at UTRGV and they are close to home," said Aileen Rodriguez.


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