Valley Doctor Prepares to Aid Mexico Earthquake Victims

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UPDATE (9/25): McAllen pediatrician, Dr. Javier Ramirez-Lavin, is back in the Rio Grande Valley.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin went to Mexico City to provide medical supplies to victims of the deadly earthquake that rattled the city last week.

The doctor received donations from various Valley hospitals. He said it took great effort to make the journey south, but it was worth it.

All supplies were donated to the Mexican Red Cross in Mexico City.


MCALLEN – Dr. Javier Ramirez-Lavin, a pediatrician out of McAllen, said he always tries to help whenever there is a major disaster.

The Earthquake in Mexico hit close to home.

"I was very stressed cause I had patients to take care of, I'm worried about what's going on over there," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin was born and raised in Mexico City, a city now torn by a devastating earthquake.

"My brothers are there, some cousins and aunts. They are doing fine thank God," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

Now Dr. Ramirez-Lavin is looking to do what he can, "I'm going to take some medical supplies and if they need me I can provide medical services."

He's not alone. Several other doctor offices and hospitals are sending supplies with him.

"Sometimes we need to provide people that cannot afford the help and they need it right now," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

This isn't the first time Dr. Ramirez-Lavin has gone to help those after a disaster.

"I was worried about the people from Houston. I sent supplies, I sent a lot of stuff it's just human nature," he said.

For now, his plan is to stay with family.

"I already told them we can go eat, but I'm going to spend time in the shelters to help people," said Dr. Ramirez-Lavin.

He hopes his actions will inspire others to one day help the Rio Grande Valley on the off chance a disaster comes to our door steps.

Dr. Ramirez-Lavin tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS he plans to leave by plane with supplies Thursday and will stay until at least Sunday. He said he will stay longer if he needs to.


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