Valley doctor weighs in on heart disease prevention

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As heart health month continues, a local cardiologist is putting an emphasis on prevention efforts.

Doctor Fadi Alfayoumi, Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville, says 95% of the patients he treats have diseases that are preventable.

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the country, and it's prevalent in the Valley.

He says the best way to prevent heart disease is lifestyle modification.

Things that contribute to the disease are smoking, drug abuse, lack of exercise, and poor dietary habits.

He also says there are more cases of it in lower social economic counties and younger age groups.

“The idea that you find younger people on dialysis because of lack of control or ignorance of the management of the diabetes and hypertension since they were young because of the risk factors is something that is very bothersome," Alfayoumi said.

He recommends creating a healthier lifestyle as prevention is better than dealing with the disease if you do get it

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