Valley Law Enforcement Continues to Target Drivers Who Text

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WESLACO – Rio Grande Valley drivers are still texting behind the wheel despite a new state law against it.

The Texas Department of Transportation said distracted driving causes one in five crashes. It became illegal across Texas Sept. 1.

The Palmview Police Department has only issued 11 citations so far. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS also reached out to McAllen, San Juan, and the Department of Public Safety. They haven't responded to us with their number of tickets.

If nothing else, the law has made people more conscious that texting and driving are wrong.

“Before like I would text, but now that I know it's against the law, I don't do it anymore. I usually do the audio instead,” Liliana Gutierrez said.

Rene Garcia also uses voice to text to avoid typing while driving.

“I have never been texting or using my phone. I just use my Bluetooth. Since I got my Bluetooth, I just use it every time,” he said.

Many people told us they won't even touch their phones while driving.

“When I’m driving with somebody, I’ll just tell my wife to answer the phone or see who it is,” said Jorge Meza.

Still, people continue to do it.

“I mean, I see people do it when you're at a light and people start honking at them and look over and they're just on the phone,” Dario Pena said.

Texting at a light is legal under the state law, but as soon as your foot hits the gas, you could face fines.

Valley law enforcement will continue to enforce the new state law.


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